Jun 30, 2020

Breakfast, the Bible, and Bearing Fruit

Yesterday, I received a text from a friend related to a men’s Bible study that I started in 2006. We moved the study around a bit but finally settled on a fast food restaurant that opened early enough for us. I left the group in 2015 because I was moving to another city but was delighted that the study would continue to meet. In any case, my friend told me that last Friday he and another guy were the only ones who showed up (for various reasons). They read and talked about some Psalms and though they did not realize it, others were listening in, in particular, a man who was working on a remodeling job at the restaurant and a guy who just “happened’ to come by for breakfast. Lives were touched if not changed. My friend texted me about the encounter  because he wanted me to know about the “seeds” I had planted. I am certainly getting more credit than I deserve but am thankful that all those “big country breakfasts with gravy” that I consumed over the years did more than add to my waistline. To God be the glory.

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