Aug 1, 2020

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

Walter Ameling, Hannah M. Cotton, Werner Eck, Avner Ecker, Benjamin Isaac, Alla Kushnir-Stein, Haggai Misgav, Jonathan Price, Peter Weiß, and Ada Yardeni, eds., Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palestinae, Volume 4: Iudaea/Idumaea
Reviewed by Lester L. Grabbe

Daniel Castelo and Robert W. Wall, The Marks of Scripture: Rethinking the Nature of the Bible
Reviewed by J. Michael Thigpen

Bart van Egmond, Augustine’s Early Thought on the Redemptive Function of Divine Judgment
Reviewed by Evgenia Moiseeva

Susanne Gillmayr-Bucher and Maria Häusl, eds., Prayers and the Construction of Israelite Identity
Reviewed by Carol A. Newsom

Jordan Guy, United in Exile, Reunited in Restoration: The Chronicler’s Agenda
Reviewed by Yigal Levin

John R. Levison, The Holy Spirit before Christianity
Reviewed by Richard S. Briggs

Matthew McAffee, Life and Mortality in Ugaritic: A Lexical and Literary Study
Reviewed by Timothy Hogue

Michael J. Morris, Warding Off Evil: Apotropaic Tradition in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Synoptic Gospels
Reviewed by Archie T. Wright

V. George Shillington, James and Paul: The Politics of Identity at the Turn of the Ages
Reviewed by James Hanson

Paul T. Sloan, Mark 13 and the Return of the Shepherd: The Narrative Logic of Zechariah in Mark
Reviewed by Barry L. Blackburn

Bradley K. Storin, Self-Portrait in Three Colors: Gregory of Nazianzus’s Epistolary Autobiography
Reviewed by B. Lee Blackburn Jr.

Leonard J. Swidler, Three Jesus Certitudes: Pacifism, Feminism, and the Birth of Christianity
Reviewed by James F. McGrath

Jonathan R. Trotter, The Jerusalem Temple in Diaspora Jewish Practice and Thought during the Second Temple Period
Reviewed by Benjamin D. Gordon

Antoinette Clark Wire, 2 Corinthians
Reviewed by Annelies Moeser

Jennifer S. Wyant, Beyond Mary or Martha: Reclaiming Ancient Models of Discipleship
Reviewed by Jennifer Knust

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