Aug 29, 2020

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.

Filip Čapek and Oded Lipschits, eds., The Last Century in the History of Judah: The Seventh Century BCE in Archaeological, Historical, and Biblical Perspectives
Reviewed by Tony W. Cartledge

Richard I. Deibert, Second Corinthians and Paul’s Gospel of Human Mortality: How Paul’s Experience of Death Authorizes His Apostolic Authority in Corinth
Reviewed by Frederick David Carr

Patrick Faure, Les Actes des Apôtres: Texte Occidental Reconstituté
Reviewed by Jenny Read-Heimerdinger

Jörg Frey; Jacob Cerone, ed., Qumran, Early Judaism, and New Testament Interpretation: Kleine Schriften III
Reviewed by George J. Brooke

David M. Jacobson, Agrippa II: The Last of the Herods
Reviewed by Joshua Schwartz

Young Ho Kim, Die Parusie bei Lukas: Eine literarisch-exegetische Untersuchung zu den Parusieaussagen im lukanischen Doppelwerk
Reviewed by Nils Neumann

Gili Kugler, When God Wanted to Destroy the Chosen People: Biblical Traditions and Theology on the Move
Reviewed by Jeffery M. Leonard

Philip Michael Lasater, Facets of Fear: The Fear of God in Exilic and Post-exilic Contexts
Reviewed by Lester L. Grabbe

L. Michael White and G. Anthony Keddie, Jewish Fictional Letters from Hellenistic Egypt: The Epistle of Aristeas and Related Literature
Reviewed by Maren Niehoff

Shawn J. Wilhite, “One of Life and One of Death”: Apocalypticism and the Didache’s Two Ways
Reviewed by Jonathan A. Draper

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