Nov 16, 2020

Proverbs and Biblical Theology

I have been enjoying the online presentations for this year's Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting. One advantage of having the meeting online rather than in-person is that one can see many more presentations. It is an example of the old adage, "when life gives you lemons . . . ." In any case, one paper I have enjoyed was Daniel Estes' paper, "Proverbs and Biblical Theology: Can This Slipper Fit?" Estes rightly decries the general failure to integrate material from Proverbs in many recent biblical theologies. I often tell my students that the wisdom literature is where biblical theologies go to die!

That being said, Estes does note that there are five contexts in which biblical theologians have tried to incorporate Proverbs. They are (1) connection to Solomon, (2) creation, (3) covenant, (4) general coherence with the worldview that pervades the Bible, and (5) the connection between Jesus and wisdom. Estes also suggests other possible ways but I will leave that for the video in the Biblical Theology: Wisdom and Biblical Theology section.

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