Feb 13, 2021

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member. 

G. K. Beale, Colossians and Philemon
Reviewed by Ernest P. Clark

Christy Cobb, Slavery, Gender, Truth, and Power in Luke-Acts and Other Narratives
Reviewed by Shawn Kelley

Zeba A. Crook, ed., The Ancient Mediterranean Social World: A Sourcebook
Reviewed by David B. Gowler

Deryn Guest, YHWH and Israel in the Book of Judges: An Object-Relations Analysis
Reviewed by Klaas Spronk

John H. Hilber, Old Testament Cosmology and Divine Accommodation: A Relevance Theory Approach
Reviewed by John Oswalt

Jeanette Matthews, Prophets as Performers: Biblical Performance Criticism and Israel’s Prophets
Reviewed by Rosanne Liebermann

Steven J. Patterson, The Forgotten Creed: Christianity’s Original Struggle against Bigotry, Sexism, and Racism
Reviewed by Vincent L. Wimbush

Ilan Peled, Law and Gender in the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Vien V. Nguyen, SCJ

Peter Schäfer, Two Gods in Heaven: Jewish Concepts of God in Antiquity
Reviewed by Shaye J. D. Cohen

Miles V. Van Pelt, Biblical Hebrew: A Compact Guide
Reviewed by Robert D. Holmstedt

Jacqueline Vayntrub, Beyond Orality: Biblical Poetry on its Own Terms
Reviewed by Steven Bishop

Bruce K. Waltke and James M. Houston, The Psalms as Christian Praise: A Historical Commentary
Reviewed by David G. Firth

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