Jun 8, 2021

Caesarea Maritima International Conference

The Caesarea Maritima International Conference held on June 13-15 can be viewed online here https://meetonline.co.il/single/SmallEvent/?Host=IsraelAntiquitiesAuthority. Here is the schedule.

Day 1: June 13, 2021

14:00 Opening Gala at the Vaults
15:15 Greetings – Caesar Yam venue
Session 1: Straton’s Tower and Sebastos along the Levantine Coast
Chair: Ayelet Gilboa
16:00 The Meaning of Caesarea’s Foundation Myths | Naoise Mac Sweeney
16:20 After the Crisis: Phoenician Settlement Renewal during the Persian Period | Yiftah Shalev
16:40 Herod’s Harbor: A New Reconstruction | Jacob Sharvit and Bridget Buxton
17:00 Q&A

Session 2: The Urban Development of Caesarea
Chair: Yosef Porath
17:30 A Miqveh in an Urban Roman villa at Caesarea Maritima | Joseph Patrich
17:50 Urban Development of Roman and Late Antiquity Caesarea Maritima | Peter Gendelman
18:10 Topography, Economy, and Religion at Two Ports in the Roman Mediterranean | Joseph Rife
18:30 Q&A

Session 3: Caesarea and the Province
Chair: Orit Peleg-Barkat
20:00 Caesarea as a Roman Colony: Literary Texts and Inscriptions | Benjamin Isaac
20:20 To Take Center Stage: Focal Points in Herodian Horticulture Architecture | Guy Stiebel
20:40 Hilly Lords of the Middle Sea: Client Kingship and the Imperial Eastern Mediterranean in Antiquity | Yifat Thareani
21:00 Q&A

Day 2: June 14, 2021

Session 4: Caesarea - Between Conflicts and Coexistence: Religions and Communities
Chair: Joseph Geiger
15:00 Origen’s Newly Discovered Homilies as a Window into the Contacts and Competitions between the Religions in Third Century Caesarea | Maren Niehoff
15:20 Caesarea and the Great Revolt against Rome | Lawrence Schiffman
15:40 Eusebius' Concept of Christ as the Incarnate | Volker Drecoll
16:00 Q&A
16:20 Allegory as Battlefield of Religion: Exegetical Strategies in Eusebius of Caesarea and Porphyry | Irmgard Männlein-Robert
16:40 Caesarea: The Talmudic Evidence | Jeffrey Rubenstein
17:00 Q&A

Session 5: New Excavations and Research
Chair: Yardenna Alexandre
17:30 “Picking Up the Pieces”: Caesarea's Trade Networks during the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Periods in Light of a Ceramic Assemblage from the Western Façade of the Temple’s Platform | Yuval Hai
17:45 In search of the Elusive ‘Caesarean Clay Type’: Characterizing the Production of Bag-Shaped Amphorae during the Roman and Byzantine Periods through Ceramic Petrography and Technology | Liora Bouzaglou
18:00 An Early Roman-Period Burial Cave at Caesarea | Eriola Jakoel
18:15 King Herod’s Building Projects at Caesarea Maritima – a Close Look at Plasters and Bonding Materials | Meidad Shor
18:30 Q&A

Session 6: Caesarea: Traditions and Innovations in Material Culture Studies
Chair: Gideon Avni
20:00 At the Front of and Behind the Screen: Screen panels from Caesarea Maritima | Rivka Gersht
20:20 Caesarea, Cathedral Church of St Peter - A Tale of Two (?) Churches | Vardit Shotten-Hallel
20:40 A Byzantine Flushing Mechanism | Yeshu Dray
21:00 Q&A

Day 3: June 15, 2021

Session 7: Sebastos and Caesarea - Research of the Harbors
Chair: Deborah Cvikel
15:00 Rethinking Built Harbors from the Iron Age to the Roman Period: A Typology of White Elephants? | Assaf Yasur-Landau
15:20 From Akko to Giza, Geoarchaeology of Mediterranean Harbors, New Avenues of Research? | Christophe Morhange
15:40 The Nature of the Pumiceous Ash and Tuff used for the Construction of the Sebastos Harbor | Yotam Asher
16:00 Q&A

Session 8: Caesarea and Heritage Management: Planning, Conservation, and Reconstruction
Chair: Raanan Kislev
16:30 Caesarea Maritima as Israel's Flagship in - p.i.s.a (P.I.SS.A) Project of the Meda Heritage I, as Part of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership | Yaacov Schaffer
16:50 Conservation in Caesarea 2015-2019 | Yoram Saad
17:10 Do Shelters Really Protect the Mosaics at Caesarea? | Yael Alef
17:30 Q&A

Session 9: Caesarea - Past, Present, and Future
The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation and The Caesarea Development Corporations– a unique model of operation assuring the continuance of 140 years of pioneering by the Rothschild family in Israel

Chair: Vardit Gilor
18:00 Elli Booch, Director of Philanthropy, The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation
18:15 Michael Karasenti, CEO, The Caesarea Development Corporations
18:30 Concluding Remarks

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