Sep 27, 2021

Another Commentary on Romans

Some might ask whether we really need another commentary on Romans with a number of excellent and recent works already available (e.g., Moo, Schreiner). But I think Frederick Dale Bruner's forthcoming volume might suggest that there is room for one more for at least two reasons. First, in this interview, Bruner seems to see Romans as a gospel-oriented work. This might not seem to be all that significant to those who are not involved in the academic world, but for those of us that are, it is a welcome change from other less traditional, and I believe incorrect, approaches to the epistle (e.g., new perspective). Second, Bruner's previous commentaries on Matthew and John were characterized by both exegetical and spiritual insights. There is a  I am hoping for more of the same in his treatment of Romans. 

You can read an excerpt of his forthcoming commentary here.

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