Oct 29, 2021

Creating Sermon Conclusions

Here are some thoughts on creating sermon conclusions.

  1. Be in prayer about it.
  2. Create your conclusion with real people in mind.
  3. Make sure you have the message nailed down and then bring your conclusion in alignment with it.
  4. Know yourself, be yourself, but be open to stretching yourself.
  5. Understand that conclusions also involve non-verbal communication.
  6. Keep it brief and tight and convey the appropriate tone.
  7. Write it down and talk it through.
  8. Write, rewrite, and rewrite again.
  9. If possible, preview it with a spouse, friend, fellow preacher, etc.
  10. Nail it down (if short enough, memorize it).
  11. Wait until you are well into the sermon writing process before you do your conclusion.
  12. Make sure to address both believers and unbelievers.

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