Nov 4, 2021

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member to read them.

Kees de Blois, Louis Dorn, Gerrit J. van Steenbergen, and John A. Thompson, A Handbook on Hosea and Joel
Steven Tuell

Dean Furlong, The Identity of John the Evangelist: Revision and Reinterpretation in Early Christian Sources
Derek Tovey

Bruce Louden, Greek Myth and the Bible
Michel Pauw

Karalina Matskevich, Construction of Gender and Identity in Genesis: The Subject and the Other
Barbara Deutschmann

Lidija Novakovic, Philippians: A Handbook on the Greek Text
Michael Sweeney

Peter Oakes, Empire, Economics, and the New Testament
Jürgen K. Zangenberg

B. J. Oropeza, Craig Evans, and Paul T. Sloan, eds., New Studies in Textual Interplay
David M. Allen

Geert Roskam and Joseph Verheyden, eds., Light on Creation: Ancient Commentators in Dialogue and Debate on the Origin of the World
Brandon R. Grafius

Jeffrey Siker, Sin in the New Testament
William Horst

Danilo Verde, Conquered Conquerors: Love and War in the Song of Songs
Ellena Lyell

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