Mar 22, 2022

Ratzah in Leviticus 26

Though this article is from a Jewish rather than a Christian perspective, it argues that the best way to understand the use of רצה ratzah in Leviticus 26:34, 40 is that these texts (and others) teach that sin is a debt that must be repaid. The article is interesting at a variety of levels but I appreciate that it supports a key element of the penal substitutionary view of the atonement that sins need to be "paid" for. I find it ironic that at a time in which more and more Christian theologians are questioning the penal substitution view this Jewish article affirms it in a way. 


Wheatcorn said...

Hi Charles
Forgive me if I have missed it, but I cannot find a link to the full article. I'd be grateful if you could supply this. With many thanks, Rob

Charles Savelle said...

Corrected. Thanks for pointing out the missing link.