Jan 22, 2023

Pastors as Pastoral

In the ecclesiastical tradition I participate in, the title pastor is often preferred over others like elder or minister. One could debate the merits of this preference but what I find more troubling is that too many "pastors" forget that the title relates to shepherding. And all too many build their ministry model more around business practices and CEOs than the practice of caring for sheep. 

Recently while teaching Acts 9:36-43, I was struck how Peter served like a shepherd. Peter came when he was called in response to death of Tabitha/Dorcas (v. 39). Although, Luke tells us that "Lydda was near Joppa," it was around a twelve-mile journey and likely traveled by foot. Peter does not say that he is too busy vision casting nor send someone else. He simply goes. One can imagine that apostles have places to go and people to see but Peter seems to have understood that pastors ought to be pastoral (1 Pet 5:1-4).

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