Dec 10, 2023

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member to read them.

Karl Leslie Armstrong, Dating Acts in Its Jewish and Greco-Roman Contexts (T&T Clark)
Mark Jeong

Barry J. Beitzel, ed., Lexham Geographic Commentary on Acts through Revelation (Lexham)
Clifford T. Winters

Kamil Cyprian Choda, Maurits Sterk de Leeuw, and Fabian Schulz, eds., Gaining and Losing Imperial Favour in Late Antiquity: Representation and Reality (Brill)
Angela Hug

Amy Cottrill, Uncovering Violence: Reading Biblical Narratives as an Ethical Project (Westminster John Knox)
Samantha J. Scott

David A. deSilva, Introducing the Apocrypha: Message, Content, and Significance (Baker Academic)
Lorenzo DiTommaso

Michael Glowasky, Rhetoric and Scripture in Augustine’s Homiletic Strategy: Tracing the Narrative of Christian Maturation (Brill)
Jesse B. Ophoff

George H. Guthrie, Jon Laansma, and Cynthia Long Westfall, eds., So Great a Salvation: A Dialogue on the Atonement in Hebrews (T&T Clark)
Félix H. Cortez

David Janzen, The End of History and the Last King: Achaemenid Ideology and Community Identity in Ezra-Nehemiah (T&T Clark)
Donna J. Laird

Jack Levison, An Unconventional God: The Spirit according to Jesus (Baker Academic)
Kenneth D. Litwak

Sophie Ramond and Reinhard Achenbach, eds., Aux commencements—Création et temporalité dans la Bible et dans son contexte culturel: Collected Essays on Creation and Temporality in Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Texts (Harrassowitz)
Mark A. Awabdy

A. Sue Russell, In the World but Not of the World: The Liminal Life of Pre-Constantine Christian Communities (Pickwick)
Nathan Betz

Bernd U. Schipper, The Hermeneutics of Torah (SBL Press)
James E. Harding

Omer Sergi, The Two Houses of Israel: State Formation and the Origins of Pan-Israelite Identity (SBL Press)
Zachary Thomas

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