Jun 26, 2024

The Israel Exploration Journal 74

The latest issue of The Israel Exploration Journal (74:1) is out. It contains the following articles.

Nadav Na'aman: The "City of David" in Biblical Historiography and the Location of the Millo

Debora V. Ben-Ami, Raz Kletter and Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah: Outside the Canon? Three Unique Figurines from Tel Beth Shemesh, Tel Socho, and Jerusalem

Aharon Tavger: A New Look at Iron Age II Olive Oil Production in Southern Samaria: Royal Industry versus Local Economy

Esther Eshel, Haggai Misgav, Amir Ganor and Boaz Zissu: The Potter's Deal: A Fourth Century BCE Aramaic Economic Inscription Incised on the Shoulder of a Jar

Mechael Osband and Chaim Ben David: Inter-site Transfer of Stones from Ancient Public Structures at Rural Sites in the Central Golan Heights

Robert Hoyland: Forgotten Papyri of the Judaean Desert: The Khirbet Mird Corpus from Late Antiquity to Early Islam

Haya Katz and Harel Gootfriend: Archaeology, Education and the Israeli Public

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