May 13, 2008

James McKeown on Genesis

Yesterday I noted Graogans commentary on the Psalms. Today I want t
o highlight the recently released commentary by James McKeown's on Genesis (part of the Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary Series) . According to the blurb at the Eerdman's website,

"In this commentary James McKeown treats Genesis as a book of beginnings and a foundational sourcebook for biblical theology. He begins with exegesis of the Hebrew text, highlighting the recurrence of key words, phrases, and themes throughout the book. He also draws attention to passages particularly pertinent to earlier readers either facing or returning from exile, offering a historical context outside a solely Christian perspective.

"The second half of the book unpacks the numerous theological horizons of Genesis — main unifying themes (descendants, blessing, land); key theological teachings of Genesis (creation, fall, character and image of God, life of faith); and the contribution of Genesis to theology today, including its impact on science, ecology, and feminist theology.

"McKeown’s Genesis provides a solid examination of a scriptural book that reflects the struggles and hopes of its readers — ancient and modern — and offers encouragement for their walk with God."

Table of Contents:

Introduction to Genesis

Commentary on Genesis

Theological Horizons of Genesis
Theological Message of the Book
Main Unifying Themes
Key Theological Teaching of Genesis
The Theology of Land
The Doctrine of Creation
Creatio ex Nihilo
The Fall
The Character of God
The Image of God
The Life of Faith
Genesis and Theology Today
Genesis and Science
Feminist Approaches
Genesis and Biblical Theology
Genesis in Canonical Context
Genesis in the Historical Books
Wisdom Literature
Thematic Continuity in the Prophets
New Testament


Index of Names

Index of Scripture and Other Ancient Writings

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