Jun 6, 2008

Numbers 5:11-31: Trial By Ordeal

There is an
article in The Jewish Journal on the trial by ordeal passages in Numbers 5:11-31. It is interesting to see a modern rabbinic take on this passage, particularly as it relates to its application (or not).


Dennis Wilen said...

I see that your citation of the verses in question -- Numbers 5:11-31 -- differs from the Rabbi's, who cites Numbers 4:21-7:89.

Can you explain the difference in numbering?

Charles Savelle said...

Thanks for the question.

Although I am not an expert on such matters, I believe that 4:21-7:89 is the entire reading for the week (the Parshot Naso). But, the author of the article is mainly commenting on only one portion of thatlarger reading, that is 5:11-31. If you have a Bible handy you will see what I am talking about. As far as I know, the versification in Hebrew and English is the same here. I hope this helps.