Jul 4, 2008

Book Reviews

A blogger recently asked about how one goes about writing book reviews. Although I am not an expert on the matter, having only written around six ( I don't remember exactly) reviews myself, I suggested that a book review basically has four major components.

1. Introduction. Here you introduce the author and sometimes the topic addressed in the book. If you are reviewing a commentary, the topic is self evident. But if you are reviewing a book addressing a topic such as the new perspective on Paul then a brief introduction might be appropriate.

2. Summary. Here you summarize the organization and contents of the book.

3. Evaluation. This is where you interact with the material of the book. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the work?

4. Recommendation. Do you recommend that that the reader of your review read/purchase this book? In your recommendation you might also note who you think might most profit from the book (laymen, theological students, scholars, pastors, etc.).

I usually keep these four categories in mind when I am reading the book.

By the way, I am currently working on a review of a recent Acts commentary.

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