Jul 3, 2008

Top Five Commentaries on Numbers

Ligonier Ministries has a
list and discussion of their top five commentaries on Numbers. I would not rank Wenham as high and Levine's work in the Anchor series ought to be in the top five. To the runners up I would add Ronald Allen's work in the the Expositor's series (recently revised). In any case, the top five they have listed are:

1. Gordon Wenham -- Numbers (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries, 1981).
2. Timothy R. Ashley -- The Book of Numbers (The New International Commentary on the Old Testament, 1993).
3. R. Dennis Cole -- Numbers (The New American Commentary, 2000).
4. Jacob Milgrom -- Numbers (The JPS Torah Commentary, 1990).
5. Iain M. Duguid -- Numbers (Preaching the Word, 2006).

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