Jul 30, 2008

Think-so, Hope-so, or know-so Christian?

According to William Booth,

We believe in salvation here and now. There are think-so Christians, and there are hope-so Christians, and there are know-so Christians. My brethren, if you have salvation, you are sure of it.

Our work is salvations. We believe in salvation and we have salvation. We are not mere sentimentalists or theory people. We publish what we have heard and seen and handled and experienced in the world of life and the power of God We aim at salvation. We hold our hope. Soul-saving is our vocation, the great vision. Halt, stand still and fully comprehend your calling, You are to be a worker together with God for the salvation of your fellow men. What is the business of your life? Not merely to save your soul and make yourself ready for paradise.

No, you are to be a redeemer, a savior, a copy of Jesus Christ Himself. So consecrate every awakened power to the great end of saving men. Rescue the perishing. They are all around you, everywhere, crowds upon crowds, multitudes. Be skillful. Improve yourself. Study your business. Be self-sacrificing. Remember the master. What you lose for his sake, you shall find again. Stick to it. Having put your hand to the salvation plough, don’t look behind you.

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