Aug 28, 2008

Links for Studying the Christian and the Old Testament Law

Chris Lee has provided the following helpful
links for studying the relationship between the Christian and the Old Testament Law.

Christians are not directly “under” the Old Testament Law.

Chris Poteet, Why the law then? A Biblical Theology of Law in Galatians, (Beginning With Moses) - link updated

Glen Scrivener, Old Testament Law Seminar (notes and MP3), (Christ the Truth)

David Dorsey, The Law of Moses and the Christian, (Between Two Worlds)

Christians are still under the “moral” aspects of the Old Testament Law.

Jonathan F. Bayes, The Threefold Division of the Law, (Christian Institute)

David Philips, The Old not contrary to The New, (Church Society)

How do Christians apply the Old Testament Law?

Peter Jensen, The Law in the Life of a Christian, Four talks on the Ten Commandments, four talks availble to dow (The Theologian)

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