Aug 11, 2008

New Book on the Genealogies in 1 Chronicles

James T. Sparks, Ph.D. (Theology) an 0rdained minister in the Baptist churches of Western Australia and pastor at Wattle Grove Baptist Church has written a book on the genealogies in Chronicles 1-9. According to the publishers blurb,

The genealogies of 1 Chronicles 1–9 have typically been seen to have no internal consistency or purpose and little relation to the narrative portions of Chronicles. In contrast, this study shows that the genealogical section of the Chronicler’s work is an ordered, well-structured, unified whole. The Chronicler presents his genealogies chiastically, with the aim of the chiasm to uphold the cult and cultic officials as the center of the nation’s life. The genealogies indicate that society is sent into exile because of the unfaithfulness of the people and their leaders. Only through the proper attention to the cult and its elements can atonement be made and the people possess their land.

Thanks to Matthew Burgess for the heads-up.

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