Sep 12, 2008

Scripture in Acts

According to Jacob Jervell,

"In the New Testament, we have no parallel to Luke’s use of Scripture. This is already evident in part from the standpoint of form. We note three different usages. First, there are direct quotations, as we find them everywhere, but especially in the first half of Acts. Second, there are summary references, where all that the Scripture says is referred to in summary fashion (Acts 3:18, 24; 10:43; 17:3; 18:28; 24:14; 26:23; and Luke 24:26, 46). Third, there are the many recitals of narrative and indirect quotations in the two historical presentations, or resumes, of Acts 7 and 13:17–25."

Jacob Jervell, The Unknown Paul: Essays on Luke-Acts and Early Christian History (Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg, 1984), 123.

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