Sep 10, 2008

Toward a Definition of Biblical Exposition

Cal Habig has been posting a series related to preaching workshops given by Kent Hughes. One recent blog entitled "Toward a Definition of Biblical Exposition" contains the following helpful list from Hughes.

The preacher has done his work when...

  • he has worked out the theme of the book - the "melodic line."
  • he has prayerfully interpreted his text in its context, using the established principles of interpretation
  • he understands the text's application in its historical setting, and in the whole of Scripture.
  • he has discerned wherein it is a revelation of Jesus Christ, and has made the appropriate inter-canonical connections;
  • he has made the trip "from Jerusalem to Portland," [fill in your city's name] and he understands its present relevance
  • he has stated the theme of the text, its "Big Idea"
  • he has outlined his exposition using the literary structure of the text as a guide to his sermon's symmetries
  • he has used stories and illustrations which really do illuminate the text
  • he has written or outlined his sermon using language that actually does communicate in today's culture
  • he has submitted himself to the text so that it has so plowed his soul that he is sympathetic to, and desires the truths of the text to be active in his life;
  • as he stand in the pulpit in full dependence upon the Holy Spirit, the exposition of God's Word passionately flows from the inward affections of his heart without affectation.

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