Jan 4, 2009

Allen on the Authorship of Hebrews

Dr. David Allen, Professor of Preaching, Director of the Southwestern Center for Expository Preaching, George W. Truett Chair of Ministry, and Dean of the School of Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has spent much of his academic career pursuing the issue of the authorship of Hebrews. The topic was the focus of his doctoral dissertation, a much expanded version of which is due to be published in the Fall of 2009 by Broadman/Holman (The Authorship of Hebrews: The Case for Luke). He also has the commentary on Hebrews in the New American Commentary series due for publication this year. Having done some editorial work in both of these volumes I can testify to the careful and exhaustive nature of the content in both of these works.

The long and short of it is that Allen believes that Luke is the author of Hebrews. Although I still remain a bit of an agnostic on the issue, the arguments presented for Lukan authorship are substantive. In fact I believe the argument for Lukan authorship is the strongest of the arguments for any candidate (e.g., Paul, Apollos, Barnabas, etc,). In any case, a helpful summary of Dr. Allen’s view can be listened to or watched here. Scroll down to the 8.28.08 date and the message entitled “Jesus, Scripture and Sermon as Word of God.”

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