Feb 26, 2009

Cups in the Old Testament

Claude Mariottini has posted on the figurative use of cups in the Old Testament. He identifies the following "cup" passages.

A Drinking Cup (Gen 40:11).
The Cup of the Evil-doers (Ps 11:6).
The Cup in the Lord’s Hand (Ps 75:8).
The Cup of the Lord’s Wrath (Isa 51:17).
The Cup of the Lord’s Fury (Jer 25:15).
The Cup of Staggering (Isa 51:17).
The Believer’s Cup (Ps 16:5).
The Cup of Blessings (Ps 23:5).
The Cup of Salvation (Ps 116:13 ESV).
The Cup of Consolation (Jer 16:7).
The Golden Cup (Jer 51:7).
The Cup of Suffering (Lam 4:21).
The Cup of Terror (Ezek 23:32).
The Cup of Horror and Desolation (Ezek 23:33).
The Cup from the Lord’s Right Hand (Hab 2:16).
The Cup of Trembling (Isa 51:22).

This might make for an interesting sermon series.

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