Feb 27, 2009

Gary Burge on Key Books on Johannine Studies

Gary Burge, who has authored the New International Version Application Commentaries on the Gospel of John and the Epistles of John, has posted a discussion of what he considers some of the more important books in Johannine studies. Books mentioned by Burge include:

  • Raymond Brown, The Gospel According to John: Introduction, Translation, and Notes(1966, 1970)
  • C. K. Barrett, The Gospel According to St. John: An Introduction With Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text (1970 [rev. 1978]).
  • Craig Keener, The Gospel of John (2004)
  • Lesslie Newbigin, The Light Has Come: An Exposition on the Fourth Gospel (1982)
  • Edwin Hoskyns and Noel Davey, The Fourth Gospel (1947).
  • A. E. Harvey’s Jesus on Trial: A Study of the Fourth Gospel (1976).
  • Andrew Lincoln, Truth on Trial: The Lawsuit Motif in the Fourth Gospel (2000)
  • Alan Culpepper, The Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel (1983).
  • Raymond. E. Brown, The Community of the Beloved Disciple (1979).
  • John A. T. Robinson, The Priority of John (1985).
  • Craig Blomberg, The Historical Reliability of John’s Gospel (2001)
  • Richard Bauckham, The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple: Narrative, History and Theology in the Gospel of John (2007).
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