Mar 30, 2009

Commentaries on Daniel

Keith Mathison Ligonier Ministries has a list and discussion of his top five commentaries on Daniel at the Ligonier Ministries blog. In evaluating this list I am somewhat hindered by the fact that I have not interacted with the commentaries by Lucas or Duguid. But, I would suggest that the top five should include S. Miller's commentary in the New American Commentary series and Goldingay in the Word series. Some more conservative interpreters might have problems with Goldingay, especially on introductory matters, but his interaction with the text itself is quite good. As far as the best overall, general commentary I would give the nod to Miller. That being said, I would probably bump Young and Ferguson out of the top five and into the Runners Up category. In the Runners Up category I would add Archer (EBC), L. Wood, D. Pentecost (BKC). In any case, the Mathison’s top five are:

1. E.J. Young -- Daniel (1949).
2. Iain M. Duguid -- Daniel (Reformed Expository Commentary, 2008).
3. Sinclair Ferguson -- Daniel (The Preacher's Commentary, 2002).
4. Tremper Longman III -- Daniel (NIV Application Commentary, 1999).
5. Ernest Lucas -- Daniel (Apollos Old Testament Commentary, 2002).

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