Apr 13, 2009

McKnight on Commentaries on John

ee this post for Scot Mcknight's recommendations concerning commentaries on theGospel of John. He lists:

R.E. Brown: The Gospel According to John (I-XII) (The Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries).

C.K. Barrett: The Gospel According to St. John: An Introduction With Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text.

Leon Morris: The Gospel According to John (New International Commentary on the New Testament).

G.R. Beasley-Murray: Word Biblical Commentary Vol. 36, John (revised).

C. Keener: The Gospel of John: A Commentary - 2-Volume Set .

D.A. Carson: The Gospel According to John.

A. Köstenberger: John.


Anonymous said...

Oops, this is on John!

Charles Savelle said...

Your exactly right. Thanks for letting me know. I must have Luke on my mind since I have been doing quite a bit of work in this book.