Apr 14, 2009

Penal Subsititution and the Atonement

I appreciated this post on penal substitution and the atonement, especially the identification and discussion of six signs supporting the idea that Jesus died under God's judgment.


Nick said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Penal Substitution is flatly unBiblical (and thus not binding on the Christian).

I had a debate on this very issue with a Reformed apologist:

I invite you to take a fresh look at this.

Charles Savelle said...

I'm sorry but I think that you are incorrect. Thanks for visiting and commenting though.

Nick said...

Is there a specific verse or two that you believe strongly support P-Sub?

Charles Savelle said...

I appreciate your zeal on the matter, but I really don't have the time or inclination to get into a complicated debate here. As you know, no view of the atonement is founded on a single verse.

Nick said...

I fully agree that no one verse captures it all, but I would like some specific examples of where I went wrong if you think I went wrong. The last thing I want is to make bad arguments, so I appreciate it when people point out genuine flaws in any argument I make.

What are your top 3 passages which you believe point to P-Sub? Just so I can get a feel for why you think I'm wrong.

I commented on the blog you originally linked to, and I saw significant problems with his claims. All I'm doing is trying to stay faithful to Scripture.

Thanks for your time.

Charles Savelle said...

I bet that there are a number of blogs and forums out there that would love to get into this with you, especially since penal substitution is the predominant position of many if not most Evangelicals. I'm just not interested, as I have already stated, in getting into it.