May 28, 2009

Paul's Conversion and Food

In discussing Paul's conversion in Acts 9, Robert Lawson Brawley notes concerning 9:19:

"Food likewise has a metaphorical function at Paul's conversion. As a synecdoche for hospitality, it signals his integration into the community (Acts 9:19). Food is a sign of community among believers but also of their relationship with God (2:42, 46). Lines of decelopment extend to Peter's table fellowship with Gentiles (11:3), to Paul's involvement in famine relief for Jerusalem (11:28-30), to the apostolic decree (15:20, 29; cf. 21:25), to the conversion of the Philippian jailer (16:34), and to the restoration of Eutychus (20:11)."

Centering on God: Method and Message in Luke-Acts, Literary Currents in Biblical Interpretation, ed. Danna Nolan Fewell and Davild Miller Gunn (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 1990), 153.

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