May 26, 2009

Ten People a Pastor Should Fear

Jared Wilson has a helpful post on "10 People a Pastor Should Fear." Of course #10 doesn't technically qualify as "people." In any case, Jared's ten are:

1. The guy who "subtly" reminds you how much he gives to the church.

2. The young guy who likes it when you rant against stuff or preach angry.

3. The guy or gal who doesn't like it when you rant against stuff or preach angry.

4. The lady with the unbelieving or spiritually unsophisticated husband who emails you a lot.

5. The person who finds you right after the message to point out something you got wrong, quibble over a minor point, or mention some other criticism.
You are tapped out right after your sermon, and this person will just crush your heart with one soft blow.

6. The person who likes every single one of your sermons.

7. The guy on the theological hobbyhorse.

8. The podcast sermon connoisseur who thinks, "You really oughtta listen to what John Piper says about that." Etc.

9. The worship leader who has CD's of himself.

10. God

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HT: Erik Raymond

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