Jun 11, 2009

A Biblical Theology of Cooperation

Eric Schumacher has a nice
post on a biblical theology of ccoperation as traced through redemptive history. His main points are:

My initial definition of Biblical Cooperation was:
Biblical Cooperation happens when God's people, under God's rule, trust God's promises and obey God's commission in the pursuit of God's glory.
My seven main points were as follows:
1. Cooperation was Founded in Creation.

2. Cooperation was Distorted in the Fall.

3. Cooperation was Foreshadowed in the Law but Failed in Israel.

4. Cooperation was Foretold by the Prophets.

5. Cooperation was Redeemed in the Gospel.
The result of the Gospel is Christian Cooperation: God's people (believers in Jesus), under God's rule (the Lordship of Jesus Christ), trust God's promises (believe the Gospel) and obey God's commission (the Great Commission, and all that Jesus commands) in the pursuit of God's glory (the display of God's excellence in Jesus Christ).
6. Cooperation is Applied in Local Churches.

7. Cooperation will be Perfected in Eternity.
You can also access audio of Schumacher's message entitled "Cooperation from Genesis to Revelation" here.

HT: Jim Hamilton

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