Oct 23, 2009

The Relationship Between Proverbs 1–9 and 10–22

Concerning the relationship between Proverbs 1–9 and 10–22, Richard J. Clifford, “Reading Proverbs 10–22,”
Interpretation 63 (2009): 243, makes the following observations.

"I see three ways in which chs. 1–9 define chs. 10–22 and save them from being a dead collection: the chapters situate the pursuit of wisdom in the fundamental task of (metaphorically) building a house, living one's life fully; they remind us that wisdom comes from God in order to make us civilized and fully human so that we might be good servants of God; and chs. 1–9 show us that studying and "understanding learned sayings" (1:2) are an important means of gaining wisdom."

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