Oct 19, 2009

Spiros Zodhiates (1922-2009)

I just learned that Spiros Zodhiates passed away on Oct 9. Readers may know him through his prolific writings which often focused on Greek and Hebrew. You can read a press release here.

HT: James Ernest


Marion A. Ehlers said...

This news makes me sad. I came to know his books in the late 80s and used them often until today. They were and are a great help for me.
I thank our Lord and Saviour for the life and service of this gift He gave to His church.
My prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to his wife and the familiy.
Marion A. Ehlers (Germany)

P.S. Thanks for posting it.

Charles Savelle said...

Your welcome.

Yochanan Heimeyer said...

i have brother Zodiotes' complete Old and New Testament hard copies and speaks to the invaluable scholarship of the work in them. we will miss his ministry, but he is in a far better place with his Lord.

yochanan heimeyer