Nov 18, 2009

Archaeology in the Old Testament

Eugene Merrill writes the following in his article “Old Testament Archaeology: Its Promises and Pitfalls,”
Journal of Dispensational Theology (August 2009): 19.

“Archaeology in the abstract is neither friend nor foe of the Bible and the Christian faith. It is a silent witness to the past that has no independent authority and that cannot interpret itself. Therefore, it is useful only as it becomes a tool in the hands and minds of human interpreters. How it is used depends, of course, on the disposition of the user. Those who wish to bring it to the service of the written Word of God can find it to be an invaluable aid in understanding, defending, and proclaiming that Word. On the other hand, those who bring the Word to the service of archaeology will use and abuse the Word as they see fit to make it conform to the ‘assured results’ of modern criticism and infidelity.”

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