Dec 5, 2009

The Glory of Preaching

I am looking forward to providing a fuller interaction with Darrell Johnson's
The Glory of Preaching soon. But in the meantime I thought I would introduce the book. Here is the publishers introduction of the book.

In these pages you will find a vision of preaching that is both illuminating and inspiring. Drawing from biblical and theological resources as well as years in the pulpit, Darrell Johnson takes us far beyond the mere mechanics of delivering sermons. He dynamically unpacks the link between the human task of speaking to a congregation and the real, gracious action and presence of the living Christ in and through our proclamation.

Johnson assists preachers to profoundly engage the biblical text and then liberates them to make use of their own personality, gifts and abilities as they communicate that message.

This book is for any pastor or student who wants to cultivate a deeper pulpit approach, one that participates in the transforming mystery of God working through our less-than-perfect proclamation. Here is a solid foundation for preaching the good news as if God was living, Jesus was resurrected and the Holy Spirit was faithfully at work among us.

Here is the table of contents:

Prologue: Something Always Happens
Part 1:Theoretical Foundations for Participating
1 Why Does It Happen: A Vision (Ezekiel 37)
2 Does It Really Always Happen?: A Parable (Matthew 13)
3 Where Does It Happen?: A Paradigm for Expository Preaching
4 How Does It Happen?: Verbs of Participation
Part 2: Human Mechanics of Participating
5 Moving from Text to Sermon: Inhabiting the Text
6 Moving into the Sermon: Ordering for Orality
7 Walking the Sermon into Every Life: Implications and Application
8 The Person of the Preacher: Truth Through Personhood
9 The Life of the Preacher: Living In
Part 3: Theoretical Foundations Again
10 Standing In the Mystery: The Space in Which We Preach
Epilogue: A Sermon--The Main Thing: Included! (Matthew 11:25-30)
Author and Subject Index
Scripture Index

You can read portions of the book here.

Much Thanks to Adrianna Wright at IVP for the review copy.

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