Feb 26, 2010

Acts and the Old Testament

"Thematically Acts shows a close relationship with the the OT as dealing with matters such as promise and fulfillment, Jerusalem, the law, and the Jewish people. Characters such as Peter, Stephen, and Paul are presented to some extent as prophetic figures, following OT models. Furthermore, certain narratives in Acts appear to be patterned on biblical precedents. Together these characteristics suggest that the author intended to “create a ‘biblical effect’ for those readers familiar with the Bible.”"

David G. Peterson, The Acts of the Apostles, Pillar New Testament Commentary (Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 2009), 13.


Richard Fellows said...

Similarly, it has been argued (Baum Nov. Test. 50 2008 120-142), that the gospels and Acts are anonymous to produce a kind of OT effect.

Charles Savelle said...

I haven't read this article. Are you suggesting that you agree?

Richard Fellows said...

Baum shows that the anonymity of the gospels and Acts demands an explanation. His explanation sounds very plausible to me. The only other possibility that occurs to me is that the texts are anonymous to hide the identities of the authors to avoid persecution by the Roman authorities. I don't know how to decide between these two theories. Perhaps both motives applied.