Mar 29, 2010

T. C. Smith on Acts 15

"Chapter 15 is one of the most important chapters in the book of Acts. Obviously, the purpose if Luke is to explain to Theophilus how the Gentiles came to recognized as the worthy acceptance by the Jewish believers in Jerusalem. In less than 700 words the author shows us how and agreement was reached by the church in Jerusalem that would be acceptable to the ultra-Judaistic party and the more liberal wing of the church in Antioch. We would like to know more about the events leading up to the council and the details about the meeting itself, yet in his concise report Luke has given us a masterful presentation."

T. C. Smith, "Acts," in The Broadman Bible Commentary, Volume 10: Acts-1 Corinthians, ed. Clifton J. Allen (Nashville: Broadman,1979), 90.

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