Jun 19, 2010

A Throne-Room Observation

Reflecting on the throne-room scene in Revelation 4, Smith and Card make the following observation.

"How desperately our generation of Christians needs a fresh version and understanding of the sovereignty of God. We are not fatalists. Patty Page is not our patron theological saint as she sang "Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be." Neither are we stoics, who brace ourselves against the storm of life and accept all things with passive resignation. Neither must we allow ourselves to become superficial evangelicals, full of denial about the reality of pain and suffering, groping for one more biblical Band-Aid and spiritual anesthetic to deal with huge and troubling issues which are an inevitable part of the Christian life."

Scotty Smith and Michael Card, Unveiled Hope: Eternal Encouragement from the Book of Revelation (Nashville: Thomas Nelson), 1997, 70.

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