Jul 25, 2010

Jesus Merely a Good Religious Teacher?

Uh, No.

As Alister McGrath states:

"We need more than a good religious teacher.

"Throughout our long history, we have had lots of religious teachers. What good is one more? If Jesus is simply a man, he shares the common human problem - sin, suffering and death. If Jesus is just a human being, like us, then he is not the solution to the human problem. What we need is someone who will change the human situation, not just tell us more about it. The Christian assertion that Jesus is God incarnate tells us that God has come into the world and become involved with it. It changes our understanding of what God is like. It forces us to give up silly or inadequate views of God - like God being totally distant and remote, and unconcerned for his world. It forces us to give up inadequate views of Jesus - like Jesus being just a good religious teacher."

Alister McGrath, Explaining Your Faith (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1995), 62.

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