Aug 27, 2010

Resseguie on Narrative Criticism of the New Testament.

Recently, I have been working through James Resseguie’s book Narrative Criticism of the New Testament. I plan on sharing several posts over the next few weeks on this helpful work.

Let me begin by quoting a definition of sorts. For Resseguie, “Narrative criticism focuses on how biblical literature works as literature. The ‘what’ of a text (its content) and the ‘how’ of a text (its rhetoric and structure) are analyzed as a complete tapestry, an organic whole. Narrative critics are primarily concerned with the literariness of biblical narratives—that is, the qualities that make them literature. Form and content are generally regarded as an dissoluble whole” (Narrative Criticism in the New Testament: An Introduction [Grand Rapids: Baker, 20905], 18–19).

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Kevin Ray Gabriel said...

I look forward to your future posts on NT narrative criticism.