Oct 11, 2010

New Hebrews Commentary

The Book of Hebrews is probably my favorite book of the Bible. So I was delighted to finally get my hands on David Allen’s new treatment of this wonderful book. I am just getting into the commentary, but I have seen enough to know that this will likely become the commentary that I will recommend to others. If you want to know a bit more about the author you can see this interview I posted recently.

Here is a paragraph from the author’s preface.

"The book of Hebrews is about Jesus the Son who became our High Priest and then became king when he sat upon the throne of God in fulfillment of Ps 110:1,4. This schema is presented in brilliant summary fashion in the prologue and then is developed in each of the three major divisions of the epistle (the Son in 1:5–4:13; the High Priest in 4:14–10:18; and the King in 10:19–13:21). Christology is intertwined with eschatology and applied pastorally to a congregation facing discouragement and spiritual drift due to persecution and failure to press on spiritually by means of obedience to the Word of God."

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