Oct 16, 2010

Preaching Hebrews

"My appeal to the preacher of Hebrews is this: preach this great book holistically, giving rightful place to the large semantic units in the text. Avoid an atomistic approach that tends to allow the chapters and verses as they appear in the English Bible to truncate the author's argument. We who preach should learn from this great expositor how to bring exegesis to bear on a text of Scripture and then apply its meaning to the church. In Hebrews we find all the ingredients necessary for solid expositional preaching: careful but creative exegesis, theological reflection and reasoning, a balance of exhortation and encouragement, pungent illustration of truth, and practical application-all creatively constructed into a masterful sermon that makes use of rhetorical techniques for maximum effect on the hearers."

David L. Allen, Hebrews, New American Commentary, ed. E. Ray Clendenen, vol. 35 (Nashville: B & H, 2010).


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