Mar 19, 2011

Schreiner on Preaching the Law

"What role does the law have in preaching? We must consider where a command is in the story line of the Bible and in terms of the redemptive-historical scheme we see in Scripture. The moral norms of the Bible cannot be preached apart from canonical context and apart from the whole counsel of God. In addition, when we preach God's commands, we must always preach them in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God saves us by mercy, and then he gives us commands by which we respond to his grace. It is incredibly easy to turn things around so that law precedes grace, and thereby the moral norms of the law become for us a ladder by which we try to be right with God or to impress him with our works. Obeying God is always a response to his grace; it is never a means bu which we become right with God."

Thomas R. Screiner. 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2010), 229.

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