Aug 29, 2011

BibleWorks 9

I recently received a review copy of BibleWorks 9 and was quite excited about some of the new features that I had been hearing about. I have been a BibleWorks user from almost the beginning and have always found it to be a valuable exegetical tool. Here are some initial thoughts on BibleWorks 9.

Installation: I found this version easier to install than previous versions. It is not that earlier versions were difficult, but this time out, everything went quite smoothly.

New Features: I count around thirty-five new features, resources, or translations in BibleWorks 9. Of course, what features one finds most exciting will vary from user to user. Here are few of my early favorites.

BibleWorks Manuscript Project

The BibleWorks Manuscript Project's initial release covers the following:

  • Sinaiticus
  • Vaticanus
  • Alexandrinus
  • Bezae
  • Washingtonianus
  • Boernerianus
  • GA1141
For these manuscripts, the BibleWorks Manuscript Project includes the following:

  • New full transcriptions
  • Complete digital image sets (over 7.5 GB!!)
  • Verse location tagging in images
  • Extensive transcription notes
  • MSS comparison tool
  • Morphological tagging (not complete for all manuscripts but updates will be provided free of charge to BibleWorks 9 users as they become available)
The manuscripts above are fully searchable and integrated with the BibleWorks analysis tools. You can compare, examine, and analyze the text and images of these key manuscripts by using a new image processing panel.

CNTTS NT Critical Apparatus

The New Testament Critical Apparatus from the Center for New Testament Textual Studies (an organization led by  Bill Warren of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) is being made available for the first time for PCs. This exhaustive apparatus covers the entire New Testament.

The Moody Atlas of the Bible

Seasoned Bible students are already aware of the value of Barry Beitzel's atlas and now it is included in BibleWorks 9. This includes 118 high-resolution maps and dozens of photos.


Peter Gurry said...

FYI, the CNTTS apparatus is led by Bill Warren of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary not Dan Wallace. His organization is CSNTM.

Charles Savelle said...

Thanks for the correction Peter. I have corrected the post.