Sep 19, 2011

Advanced Expository Preaching Workshop: One More Week

The Advanced Expository Preaching Workshop held at The Riley Center at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is only a week away (Monday, September 26): This conference is attractive for at least four reasons. 

1. The conference is only one day long so your busy schedule doesn't have to take a major hit. 

2. The conference has a good line-up of speakers (Drs. Allen Ross, David Allen, Matthew McKellar, and Jason Lee).

3. The theme of the conference is interesting and timely (Genesis 1-11).

4.  The conference is affordable. The cost is only $25 which includes lunch.

You can get all the details here

I will post an interview tomorrow with Dr. David Allen, one of the conference speakers and the Dean of the School of Theology, Director of the Center of Biblical Preaching, and Professor of Preaching at Southwestern Seminary.


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