Apr 21, 2012

Criswell Theological Review NS 9:2

The Spring 2012 issue of the Criswell Theological Review is on the theme of Jewish Studies. The main articles are as follows.

Romans 11 and Christian and Jewish Relations: Exegetical Options for Revisiting the Translation and Interpretation of this Central Text
Mark D. Nanos

The Rationale for Gentile Inclusion and Identity in Paul
William S. Campbell

Judah Monis: “First” American Jewish Believer
Jim R. Sibley

Moses as Divine Substitute in Exodus
Stephen L. Herring

Is the Timing Respecting Paul and the Four Men Under a Vow in Acts 21:23–27 Plausible?
Stuart Chepey

Rejoinder to Boyd Luter—Jesus and the Land
Gary M. Burge

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