Nov 24, 2012

Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Jan N. Bremmer
The Rise of Christianity through the Eyes of Gibbon, Harnack, and Rodney Stark
Reviewed by Brent Nongbri

Giovanni Garbini
Letteratura e politica nell'Israele antico
Reviewed by Dempsey Rosales Acosta

Randall Heskett and Brian P. Irwin, eds.
The Bible as a Human Witness to Divine Revelation: Hearing the Word of God through Historically Dissimilar Traditions
Reviewed by S. D. Giere

Benno Jacob; ed. Ernest Jacob and Walter Jacob
The First Book of the Bible: Genesis (Augmented Edition)
Reviewed by Joel S. Baden

Dale Launderville
Celibacy in the Ancient World: Its Ideal and Practice in Pre-Hellenistic Israel, Mesopotami, and Greece
Reviewed by Pancratius C. Beentjes

Erle Leichty
The Royal Inscriptions of Esarhaddon, King of Assyria (680-669 BC)
Reviewed by Paul Sanders

Frank J. Matera
Reviewed by Pablo T. Gadenz

Lauren A. S. Monroe
Josiah's Reform and the Dynamics of Defilement: Israelite Rites of Violence and the Making of a Biblical Text
Reviewed by Ovidiu Creanga

Rob Starner
Kingdom of Power, Power of Kingdom: The Opposing World Views of Mark and Chariton
Reviewed by Tom Nelligan

Stephen O. Stout
The "Man Christ Jesus": The Humanity of Jesus in the Teaching of the Apostle Paul
Reviewed by Tony Costa 

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