Nov 18, 2012

On the Writing of New Testament Commentaries: Festschrift for Grant R. Osborne on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday

Some who attended the recent Evangelical Theological Society meeting may be aware that Grant Osborne was surprised with a Festschrift entitled On the Writing of New Testament Commentaries: Festschrift for Grant R. Osborne on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday edited by Stanley Porter and Eckhard Schnabel and published by Brill. It will be too pricey ($228) for most of the readers of this blog but here is the table of contents for the volume.

Part I: Commentaries and Exegesis

1. Eckhard J. Schnabel – On Commentary Writing

2. Stanley E. Porter – Linguistic competence of New Testament commentaries
3. Craig L. Blomberg – Genre in Recent New Testament Commentaries
4. Douglas J. Moo – Translation in New Testament Commentaries
5. Douglas S. Huffman – Historical Competence of New Testament Commentaries
6. Craig A. Evans – The Historical Jesus and New Testament Commentaries

Part II: Commentaries and the Hermeneutical Task

7. Richard S. Hess – The Use of the Old Testament in New Testament Commentaries

8. D. A. Carson – The Hermeneutical Competence of New Testament Commentaries
9. Daniel I. Block – Who do Commentators say “the Lord” is? The Scandalous Rock of Romans 10:13
10. David W. Pao – The Ethical Relevance of New Testament Commentaries: On the Reading of Romans 13:1-7
11. Robert W. Yarbrough – The Pastoral Relevance of Commentaries
12. Walter L. Liefeld – The Preaching Relevance of Commentaries
13. Scott M. Manetsch – (Re)constructing the Pastoral Office: Wolfgang Musculus’s Commentaries on 1 & 2 Corinthians

Part III: Commentaries and theology

14. Kevin J. Vanhoozer – Theological Commentary and ‘The Voice from Heaven’: Exegesis, Ontology, and the Travail of Biblical Interpretation

15. Daniel J. Treier – Christology and Commentaries: Examining and Enhancing Theological Exegesis
16. Linda L. Belleville– Christology, the Pastoral Epistles and Commentaries

Part IV: Commentaries on the Gospels, on the Epistles, and on Revelation

17. Darrell L. Bock – Commentaries on the Synoptic Gospels: Traditional Issues of Introduction

18. Stanley E. Porter – Commentaries on Romans
19. Scot McKnight ¬– Commentaries and James
20. Lois K. Fuller Dow – Commentaries on Revelation

Part V: Commentaries and publishers

21. Daniel G. Reid – Commentaries and Commentators from a Publisher’s Perspective

Maybe the kind Brill folks will see this and send me a copy of this volume but I doubt it! 

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