Feb 19, 2013

Exemplar Christi Preaching

Peter Mead has a good word concerning the potential pitfalls of what he calls exemplar Christi preaching. Mead notes the following four points.

1. He is an example to us, but first and foremost he is Christ to us.

2. Exemplar preaching tends to focus on outward conduct, but the Bible treats us as inside-out creatures.

3. Exemplar preaching points to empowerment, but often an inadequate form of it.

4. Make application an issue of response, not just an issue of copying.

I would add a fifth point that is in some sense an extension of the first point.

5. It minimizes the uniqueness of Jesus' life and mission. I think that this was one of the weaknesses of the WWJD movement so popular a number of years ago.

Do read the entire post and explanations here.


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