Nov 26, 2013

Video Lecture by Udo Middelmann

You can access video of a lecture by Udo Middelmann given at the Lanier Theological Library. Here is a description of the contents of the lecture.

"The Bible teaches us that God is sovereign over all. Does that mean that in his sovereignty and foreknowledge, all events are determined? What about evil and the choices of man to disobey God or not believe in him at all, including the horrors of the 20th century? Do we have to choose between a good but weak God or a bad but strong God? The sovereignty of God, the existence of evil, the responsibility of man ... how do these work together to explain human history and the reality of the world around us? Belief in the sovereignty of God has led to extreme forms of determinism, while a rejection of God’s sovereignty has resulted in a view of history which assumes the idea of a God with limited power and knowledge. Udo Middelmann critiques both positions and demonstrates the continuing battle of a good and powerful God for his creation. Instead of blaming God, or his absence, Middelmann presents a startling catalyst for thoughtful dialogue. God admonishes us to seek justice, goodness and mercy in the continuing struggle against evil."

Go here to access the video.

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